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Allianz pojišťovna

Allianz pojišťovna a.s. is a young company within the insurance market of the Czech Republic. Founded in 2006, Allianz pojišťovna a.s. is part of Allanz SE group Allianz SE, which holds leadership in the German insurance market and has its branches in 70 countries all over the world.


AXA is a new insurance company that was launched in the Czech Republic in 2008. Like many other foreign companies, AXA Insurance is part of a large financial group.

Česká podnikat elská pojišťovna (čPP)

Česká Podnikat elská Pojišťovna is an insurance company founded in 1995. Since 2005, ČPP is owned by the company Kooperati va Pojišťovna, a.s., which is a part of one of the largest internati onal insurance groups in Central and Eastern Europe – Vienna Insurance Group.

ČSOB pojišťovna

The history of ČSOB Pojišťovna traces back to 1994 when its predecessor, Chmelařská vzájemná pojišťovna, was esta blished. In 2001, the executive management of the financial group KBC Insurance N.V replaced the governance of Chmelařská vzájemná pojišťovna and as a result, the company got its current name ČSOB Pojišťovna.


Ma xima is an insurance company which started its successful activity in 1994. The main objectives of the company are life and propert y insurance. Due to the high influx of immigrants to the Czech Republic, the company has developed a new product, known as Insurance of Foreigners, which has improved according the latest changes with the country’s policies.

Pojišťovna VZP

Pojišťovna VZP is the largest and most widely recognized health insurance company in the Czech Republic providing medical insurance services on a privat e basis. The company start ed in 2004 when the corporati on Pojišťovna VZP was esta blished with the registered funds of 60 million Czech crowns.

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