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Business insurance

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Business insurance

Business insurance is the complex services including the insurance of company propert y, coverage of a certai n financial risks, and professional liability. The advanta ges of this type of insurance are the company’s capability to plan its spending and cary on with its regular business activity, invest money in an underta king, regardless of insurance case.

Business insurance guarantees that the possible company expenditures will be claimed by the insurance company. Most companies highly appreciated the benefits of business insurance and take it as an advantage in their business. Moreover, the insurance product is flexible and convenient to use as it can be applied to the fields of company activities which are currently under great concern – either liability or company property.

This particular insurance product can combine medical insurance of the company staff, motor vehicles as a part of company property, insurance of production downtime, insurance of liability for the loss incurred as the result of non-fulfillment of contractual obligations or professional services, etc. For more detailed information, please contact the staff of START Insurance Company.

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