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Liability insurance

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Liability insurance

Liability insurance is a relatively new type of insurance in the insurance market; therefore the term is not familiar to many of us. What exactly does liability insurance cover? Everyone knows the situations when individuals or enterprises have to recoup losses to pay for the damage or harm caused.

Certainly, these situations occur unexpectedly and they result in substantial expenditures. Liability insurance helps to solve these problems without any moral damage or material inputs. Indemnification responsibility rests on an insurance company, which means that not the property insurance is covered, but the harm that is inflicted to the third parties is. This is one of the major types of liability insurance. Liability insurance is most commonly used by air carriers, motorists, and businessmen.

In addition, insurance companies provide so-called professional liability insurance. Such insurance is closely linked with the activities of professions such as lawyers, doctors, and accountants. Another type of insurance commonly used by entrepreneurs is product liability insurance. This means that the insurance company takes the responsibility in case a customer was harmed because of bad quality of a product.

If you need liability insurance, we will offer you the best and most suitable insurance program for you out of the variety of the insurance products offered in the czech republic.

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